Trip Planning

Common Adventure Trip Planning Instructions

SAC funds members to undertake group trips to pursue objectives of trip members’ choice. Please see the sections below for what types of trips qualify for funding and how to submit forms for funding.

General Trip Requirements

SAC funds up to $75 per student per trip if trips adhere to the following guidelines:

What expenses can SAC fund?

If a trip meets the above criteria, SAC is able to reimburse trip expenses for the following items:

For such trips, we are unable to fund expenses related to:

How do I secure funding from SAC?

Funding is distributed via reimbursement for qualified expenses. To secure this reimbursement, complete the following steps in accordance with the timing requirements listed below:

Timing requirements:

Yosemite Campsites

SAC members book campsites and offer them for shared use by club members. You can read more information (including instructions on how to sign-up) here.