Listserv Emails This e-mail list is restricted to SAC members only, and is used to find climbing partners within the group that are elible for club-subsidized Common Adventure Trips. is open to anyone. All general Alpine Club announcements (weekly slideshows, classes, informal trips) are posted to it. To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit the mailman page: is for folks who are not active SAC members but would like to receive announcements of major slideshows and events.

50s/60s/70s SAC alumni list is used to announce reunions and events. Contact Irene Beardsley at the above URL to join. Exhibit on SAC history

Officer Directory

Officer Title Last Name First Name Email Address Picture
Social Chair Kolchinski Alex Alex Kolchinski's picture
Historian Miccioli Matt's picture
Trips Officer Berry Alexander's picture
Vice President Wisser Jake Jake John Wisser's picture
Webmaster Ahlborg Nadia Nadia Lorraine Ahlborg's picture
Officer Papula Alana Alana Papula's picture
Grants Coordinator Mueller Adrienne Adrienne Mueller's picture
Financial Officer Spang Bruce Bruce Arthur Spang's picture
President Murphy Calley Calley Murphy's picture
Trips Officer Wang Axel Axel Wang's picture

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