SAC Member Hari Mix has returned from his expedition to the world's fourth highest mountain. The full story is posted on his website.  Photo by Hari of Mt. Everest (8848m), which shares much of the same ascent route with Lhotse (8516m).

Angels to Oasis and Kor Beck  This weekend, a friend asked us to show Sergey, his climber friend visiting from Ukraine, around Yosemite. On Saturday we did Angels to Oasis, a 12 pitch slab climb that goes up Glacier Point Apron and ends at a beautiful tree-filled ledge at the base of the GPA headwall. We also tried working in some jamming practice on classic Yosemite hand cracks. On Sunday we did Kor-Beck, which was a great intro to the variety of crack climbing found in the Valley.

Higher Cathedral Sprire and Central Pillar of Frenzy On Saturday Cuauh and Anthony climbed the classic...



To celebrate the season, we'll have a Yosemite Valley trip the weekend ofJune 1.  
The trip will be open to current SAC members.  If you're not already a member, this is a great time to join!  To join, come by Gear Hours at 4:30 any Thursday, Cuberly 34.  Membership is $20 and we take cash and check.
This trip is Common Adventure Style:  there are no "leaders", just peers.  We can all learn from each other but there are no explicit guide or instructor relationships.  We'll share costs, such as for fire wood and grillables....


On Tuesday, SAC Member Jonathan Crabtree received the prestigious Copp-Dash Inspire Award from the American Alpine Club.

Links:  Alpinist Magazine, Copp-Dash Website

From the AAC:

Sponsored by Black Diamond Equipment, La Sportiva, Mountain Hardwear and Patagonia, the Copp-Dash Inspire Award will help support small teams tackling difficult climbs in the great mountains of the world who plan to personally document and share their ascents through a multimedia blend of storytelling...


Yosemite climber Ron Kauk shares his new book that captures the essence of climbing in his own journey and how it relates to education nature.

Ron Kauk has been climbing in Yosemite for over 40 years. He has shared what this has meant to him through films (including Return to Balance: a Climber's Journey) and books (Spirit of the Rock). He recently started a non-profit, Sacred Rok (in collaboration with Stanford education professor Kenji Hakuta and his wife Nancy Goodban) that brings youth from the Merced region to Yosemite. Through this organization, Ron seeks to share what he has learned from his climbing career...



Getting dropped on a glacier field by a plane, traverse that glacier field for 10 days until you hit the coast and finally get a float plane out back home - that was our plan for a trip in British Columbia 2011. After waiting for a few days the weather was finally good enough to be flown in. At our anticipated destination clouds were already approaching so we were dropped off at a nearby shoulder. It was a great feeling seeing the plane take off leaving me and my ski buddy in the Canadian wilderness miles away from any civilization. So we started our traverse that did not bring us to the coast after all...


Dylan Johnson is a alpine hardman who manages to balance mountain exploits with a career in architecture and family life.  From Patagonia's website:  "Dylan believes his life is defined by a balancing act between the world of big mountains, running an architecture practice and maintaining a family life. Big, remote alpine faces keep him motivated and through his climbing he’s learned that pushing himself in the mountains translates to dealing with stressful situations in everyday life. He chooses to climb because climbing simply makes life better."

Climbing biography highlights:


During the summer of 2012, American alpinists Kyle Dempster and Hayden Kennedy managed two first ascent's on two different 7000 meter peaks in the Pakistani Karakoram. Come join Dempster as he shares the story of the east face of K7 and their new route on the Ogre 1.

When: Tuesday 1/22/2013, 7:15pm
Where: Mitchell 350 

More info here:

This is an introductory level class in anchor building.  Students will learn to build, evaluate, and use anchors on bolts, big rocks, and trees.

More information about class registration will become available in the Winter Quarter.