Ron Kauk - Letters from Sacred Rok - 2/11/13

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Yosemite climber Ron Kauk shares his new book that captures the essence of climbing in his own journey and how it relates to education nature.

Ron Kauk has been climbing in Yosemite for over 40 years. He has shared what this has meant to him through films (including Return to Balance: a Climber's Journey) and books (Spirit of the Rock). He recently started a non-profit, Sacred Rok (in collaboration with Stanford education professor Kenji Hakuta and his wife Nancy Goodban) that brings youth from the Merced region to Yosemite. Through this organization, Ron seeks to share what he has learned from his climbing career and the constant renewal that he finds in the natural world of Yosemite. The recently-released book, Letters from Sacred Rok, intertwines an account of his experiences in bringing youth to Yosemite with his reflections as a climber. This talk will feature slides from the book (mostly taken by Ron) as well as more classic slides from climbing history, and will elaborate on the mission and vision of Sacred Rok and its relationship to Ron's climbing experiences.

Location: Clark Center Room s360 (near Peet's Coffee) map / directions

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