Stanford Alpine Club Journal is back!

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The journal allows you to share your stories of climbing, hiking, mountaineering, back country skiing or any other SAC related activity with your fellow Stanford Alpine Club members. They can be anything from first ascents in remote parts of the world to how a SAC Intro trip changed your viewpoint on climbing.

We are currently accepting stories for September 2007 - September 2012.

Stories must be:

-  SAC related (about climbing, mountaineering, back country skiing, etc)

-  CONCISE - Find the heart of the story and strip alway everything else.

-  Format:

            12 pt, Times New Roman

            1 inch margins


            Single Spaced

            4 pages MAX (prefer 2-3)

            Prefer plain text (.txt) files, but Word (.doc) is Ok.


- Include Photographs (as attachments):

            Full resolution (.tiff preferred, .jpg is Ok)

            Black & white or color

            4 max, in ranked order of which ones you want and where you’d like them placed.


- Timeline

            March 1, 2013: Stories are due (just reply to this email address with it)

            April 1: We will let you know if your story was accepted and continue to edit

            May: We'll be going to print

            June: Distribution of the journal to Stanford Alpine Club members, the Stanford library, and the American Alpine Club library! 


Check out the 2007 Stanford Alpine Club Journal (25 MB pdf)


Important notes: All copyright for articles and photographs will remain with the authors and photographers.


We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Hari and Blase
Stanford Alpine Journal Editors

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